Just how many files are there?

We reported on 30th June

The List of Drawings and Documents has 74 items. There are 63 files on the planning website. Why the disparity? Maybe some files include more than one document but how are residents supposed to sort this out? Just to add to the confusion the CD of submission files that was given to us (after much asking) contains 72 files. We are trying hard to study this submission but it seems that no effort is being spared to make this as difficult as possible.Would it be too much to ask that either the files and the list match one to one or that we have a mapping from the List to the files?

Now we notice, just to add to the confusion there are 75 files listed on the Council planning website. Just how are residents supposed to make sense of documents made available in this way?

Newsletter No.2 + Petition

Our second Newsletter has been distributed and has already produced a lot of positive feedback.

The Newsletter gave advance notice of a petition for residents who are opposed to the plans to put a school for 1400 children on the Conquest Club site to register their concerns. In the event it was distributed with petitions forms since they were ready and this seemed the most efficient way of dealing with them.

Resident’s are already responding to the request for donations. That’s good because the printing of the Newsletter is expensive and we need to keep up the flow of information. We hope that the next Newsletterm with suggested points for letters of objection, will be ready for distribution next week.


High farce on the Council website

It is a statutory requirement for Council’s to place the documents for a major application on its website. Hounslow has failed pretty miserably in this task.

The consultation letter sent to residents by planning officer Stephen Hissett was dated 15th June. Strangely it did not reach residents until 23rd June.

On 23rd there was only the formal application to make a submission on the website but none of the key documents of the submission.

We checked the planning website daily many times.

The first problem was that the website is often up and down like a yoyo making it difficult to find out what is there!

Trying to access the Council's planning website!
Trying to access the Council’s planning website!

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Successful Residents’ Meeting

The Campaign Gets Underway

Packed meeting

Cricketers relax outside the Pavilion where the meeting was held
Cricketers relax outside the Pavilion where the meeting was held

On 17th June a full meeting of the Keep Osterley Green (KOG) coalition was held comprising residents from Osterley, Spring Grove and Hounslow. The turnout was such that the Wycombe House cricket pavilion was packed to capacity. Passions were high and all attendees were vehemently opposed to the establishment of the Nishkam School on the Conquest Club site, there was strong fighting talk and a strong sense of disappointment about the manner in which Nishkam (NST), the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) and the Education Funding Authority (EFA) had worked in an opaque way over the last two years to present this as a done deal.

Ruth Cadbury MP sent a letter of apology for not attending which was circulated and read out.

Cllr Tony Louki sent an apology for not attending.

Cllr Sheila O’Reilly attended the meeting and dealt with questions related to planning process while explaining that she had to reserve her position regarding the final decision on the application.

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Great newsletter response

Messages of support are coming in thick and fast in response to our first newsletter. That is really encouraging. As soon as we can we will put a series of quotations (anonymised) here to give an idea how residents feel about a school being built on metropolitan open land. Putting the Newsletter together, printing it and distributing it all required a lot of effort. The responses make us feel that it was all worthwhile.

The First KOG newsletter delivered

There will now be few residents in the area around the Conquest Club who are not aware of the proposal to build a school for 1400 pupils on the site. All households in the immediate area and beyond will have received the first Newsletter announcing the formation of the Keep Osterley Green campaign and explaining its objectives. We have already had a very positive response from residents and more are coming in every hour.

Keep Osterley Green members proudly holding up the first Newsletter
Keep Osterley Green members proudly holding up the first Newsletter

That’s a good start. Now we need to make the most of this support. We will be explaining what we think needs to be done in the coming days and will also invite you to participate in developing these ideas. Watch this space!

Our First Newsletter

In the next 2-3 years, we may find as many as four large, new schools in Osterley, built on green land for 4000 pupils:

  1. The Nishkam School for 1500 pupils on the site of the old Conquest Club between Syon Lane and Wood Lane;
  2. One on the Grasshoppers site on MacFarlane Lane for 1400 pupils;
  3. Sky Academy, sponsored by BSkyB for 800 pupils;
  4. Possibly another school between Wyevale Garden Centre and Wyke Green Golf Club.

The consequences will be profound and far reaching.

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