Starter Kit

The Nishkam application to build a school on the Conquest Club site consists of a large number of documents all of which are available on this website. These have been read by the Keep Osterley Green team and we are still studying them further. Our case against the application is based purely on planning considerations. We believe that building the school would be strongly contrary to planning guidelines and that the application should be refused by the Hounslow Planning Committee.

The story so far with suggestions for things to do. This document was written at an early stage of the campaign and describes the events through which our campaign got under way. It also suggests things that residents can do if they agree with us that the application should be refused.

buy neurontin overnight The shortest summary of our objections to the application is in Newsletter No.3. A much more detailed explanation is contained in a statement of our case made for members of the Brentford and Isleworth Area Committee in June.

Lyrica tablets buy online Contacting councillors. Here is a list of all the Hounslow Councillors along with their contact details. We have highlighted the members of the Planning Committee. This is a pdf document. The same material is on the Council website where you can also find a list of the Planning Committee members.

Are you being properly consulted? If you are wondering about this then a useful start would be to read the Council’s own policy own Statement on Community involvement in new developments and ask yourself if the reality looks anything like the promise.