Welcome to Keep Osterley Green (KOG)

watch Another success for vigilance (13th July). We were told by the Educational Funding Agency that demolition work would begin on the old clubhouse on the White Lodge site on 13th July. Keep Osterely Green sent a detailed objection to the demolition purely on planning grounds (the correct procedures had not been followed). Within hours of receiving our letter the planning department issued a consultation letter about the proposed demolition. The demolition submission was considered by planning officers and was refused on the grounds that insufficient supporting information had been provided. http://blakemar.co.uk/wishlist/index/add/product/1066/form_key/xpNHRbhIhCi3HVHZ/

Now that is three small victories for vigilant attention to detail: (1) we showed that original consultation was so flawed that it had to be started again; (2) we showed that the intention to demolish the old Clubhouse required more information than had been provided. This resulted in a consultation being sent out; (3) Officers have refused the submission, under delegated powers, on the grounds of inadequate information.


Keep Osterley Green is a rapidly growing group of residents. The group was formed in response to the proposal to build a school for 1400 pupils on the site of the old White Lodge/Conquest Club. It is becoming clear that the overwhelming majority of residents are strongly opposed to this development and believe it to be contrary to planning guidelines both for Hounslow and for London as a whole.

School plan. Click on the image to see an enlarged view
School plan. Click on the image to see an enlarged view

We have issued our first Newsletter which brought a large and positive response. The second one will be out in the next few days. A number of people have augmented the group of people working to keep residents informed so that they can respond to the submission to build the school in the most effectivw way possible.

We are wading through the papers submitted in the application for approval for the development and we are confident that we have a strong planning case for opposing it. The details of this will be found on this website and in our next Newsletter (No.3). The outline of our objections is already clear but we are trying to fill in as many details as are likely to be considered important by the Planning Committee that will eventually decide on the application

Aerial view of the site. Click on the image for an enlarged view.
Aerial view of the site. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

We oppose this development because buy tastylia (1) It is to be built on Metropolitan Open Land which is supposed to be protected from such built development except in exceptional circumstances, (2) the argument for such circumstances is that there was nowhere else to build the school is wrong as there are other sites, (3) it is a very bad location for a school being in an area of very poor public transport access, (4) the surrounding area is of low population density which means that the school will require children to travel large distances, this is particularly inappropriate for the 700 primary children envisaged (5) much of this travel will be by private cars because of the poor public transport, (6) there has been no genuine consultation and important material was withheld from residents without good reason. All these points and others will be spelled out in some detail in the coming week or so – still leaving time for residents to use them in their consultation responses to the Planning Department.

Don’t worry about the 21-day response time

The consultation period has been a farce with letters sent out late, sent to too few residents and materials not put on the planning website. We have an assurance that letters will be accepted beyond the end of the official 21-day period. It is safe to assume that letters sent before the end of July will be accepted. That means that there will be time for a Newsletter (No.3) giving details of planning grounds for objecting to be produced and placed on this website. Keep watching.