More files added. Is this joke?

source url PlanningWebsiteSeptWe just took a look at the Council’s planning website and were lucky enough to find it in one of its functioning moments. That was the good news.

where to buy prednisone uk That bad news is that we found that the number of files in the Nishkam application had gone up from 130 to 136!

Trying to access the Council's planning website!
Trying to access the Council’s planning website!

enter No one told us. Are we expected to look at the website every day (taking a chance as to whether it is working or not)?

Six of the files are substantial documents (amounting to over 100 pages of text and detailed data tables).

Is this fair that the files for the application should continually increase in this way? They have risen from an initial 72 to the present 136. In other words the number of files has nearly doubled since the application was first validated and a consultation started.

This seems to us like continually moving goal posts. We can’t believe that this is an acceptable procedure. We will discuss this with our ward Councillors and with the planning officers at the first opportunity.