Nishkam materials

It is the Nishkam Schools Trust that, with the backing of the Educational Funding Agency and the Department for Education that is proposing a school on the White Lodge site in Syon Lane.

To make this website a one-stop-shop we are providing links to all the Nishkam materials we know of that our relevant to this application. If you know of any materials then please let us know and will make the necessary additions. It is our view that the Nishkam materials fail to meet the objections to their application that we have raised. We believe that the more people familiar with their materials the better since they are then more likely to understand, in conjunction with out materials, why the Nishkam case for the school doesn’t stack up.

enter A new home for Nishkam. The NST has, late in the day (in August) set up a website to put their case for the school and to advertise their activities with respect to it. You can find the website here.

Alternatively you can download this document on which we have copied the five pages of that website.ückliste-und-mehr(dF6iyhsjoKY Our comments on the Nishkam “survey”.

  • can i buy accutane in mexico Q1. Your details.
  • Our comment. We are going to ask for a post code analysis of the results so please make sure that you enter your post code clearly.
  • Q2. Do you support the principle of creating more school places in Hounslow?
  • Our comment. Answer “yes”. Of course we support that “principle”. KOG has never questioned the shortage of school places in Hounslow and the need to remedy that.
  • Q3. Do you support the principle of a modern, purpose built school with enhanced facilities for local young people.
  • Our comment. Answer “yes”. Of course we agree with that “principle” as well. Dumb question. (Please note Nishkam that “purpose built” should be hyphenated.)
  • Q4. Do you support the plans for the new Nishkam School West London?
  • Our comment. Answer “NO”.  Agreeing to the need for new schools is one thing putting them in complete inappropriate places is quite another.
  • Q5. Do you have any other comments?
  • Our comment. We recommend that you briefly state one or two or your reasons for objecting to the proposed location of the school.
  • Q6. Would you like to be informed of progress?
  • Our comment. Why not? Might as well keep up with what they are saying

Nishkam Community Newsletter Summer 2015

This newsletter was delivered to residents in early August

page 1, page 2, page 3.

Note the same survey form as commented on above.

From the Nishkam School Journal, Volume Three, August 2015

This Journal was put through many residents letterboxes, in some cases repeatedly. Here are the three pages devoted to the proposed school

page 1, page 2, page 3

We will place links to all the Nishkam publicity materials that come our way on this page. Please let us know of anything you come across which is not already here.