Still more files! A case for scrutiny? MoreFilesSept25 The constant uploading of ever more files continues. On Friday 25th September another eight files were added to the submission amounting to an additional 93 pages of materials. The main content concerns traffic and travel plans. The whole exercise is now a case of trying to make up for the inadequacy of the submission, itself a consequence of the total lack of meaningful consultation beforehand, by adding more and more files to try to fend of problems as they are pointed out. And even with this somewhat frenzied activity the major questions remained unanswered and even the traffic issues on which the EFA/Nishkam clearly feel that there are gaps to be plugged still leave a long list of unanswered questions and challenges.” The submission has become a shambles. No one can be expected to keep up with this process of ever more documents being added. That includes residents, councillors and even planners. The latter are hard pressed and each officer is handling a large number of different cases. We doubt that any officer can keep up with this rate of new material added after submission.

It really is time to call a halt on this application and, failing that, to bring it to the Planning Committee as soon as possible with a clear recommendation for refusal.

P.S. All the new files are available on this website from where they can be viewed and/or downloaded a lot more reliably than on the Council’s planning website.